Saturday, 3 November 2007

J-land notes

The sad mood across our community continues, I'm sorry to have to note.
Jeannette (who writes a private journal, Welcome to my Travels) is concerned for the health of her partner Andy. He has a rare condition, which tends to flare up over weekends when his regular doctor is not available. Jeannette herself is down with a chest infection. Please keep both in thoughts. Those that read her journal will be familiar with her current plight.

Jackie (private) reports the death of her son's friend, who took an overdose. Such a waste.
Monae is unhappy, as the team she works with is being broken up and dispersed across the company. They were the A-team (my words) and she is not looking forward to having to get used to a new set of co-workers.

Why not call round those folks?

Perhaps you could offer some advice to Amy as to how to counter broodiness.


  1. Thanks for the mention Guido, it's nice to know we have support here when things go wrong. I couldn't get into Jackie's journal, she's private but I hope her son will get over the loss of his friend. Jeannette xx  

  2. I have been to comment on both Jeannette and Jackies journal Guido ,Once again proving what support can be got from this community as we pray for our friends in need ,and show our support in times of illness and trouble , Jan xx

  3. The only one I know is Jeanette(Dear Gal) and I was there this AM.But will keep all the rest in my thoughts and prayers,as I do you ,also.You are such an asset to J-Land and we all appreciate you and your thoughtfulness,humor and compassion.

  4. thank you for the jland notes.....i love Jackie and Jeannette and am also worried about Andy  too.

  5. Prayers being sent for all.
    God bless,

  6. I left a comment for Jackie yesterday regarding her son's friend.  And I will drop by Monae and Amy's journals.

  7. Hi !!!!!!!

    Good evening. Thank you for mentioning me in your journal. I don't know how things will be like at work yet but hopefully things work out for the best. I hope my coworkers and I are NOT split up. I will hope for the best. Thanks again for the special mention. You have been a kind friend. Take care.