Saturday, 3 November 2007

Saturday notes

Alternating between bright and sunny and the odd shower at the moment. A lot cooler than yesterday, with 9C at the moment.

An embarrassing mix-up occurred the other day, when the draw took place for the semi-finals of the CIS football cup in Scotland. Four teams had to be drawn against one another. As per usual, a ball with a number represented each team. Four balls were sitting in a bowl. The Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament had been invited to perform the draw - but he had forgotten his glasses. So, he promptly read a 2 as a 3. It took a lot of bother to set things straight.

It is November 3rd, the 6 month anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal. Although the girl's parents have been put through the mincer by the media, they used them again to issue another appeal. I'm not commenting further.


  1. It's already been a whole year since that girl went missing? Wow time sure goes fast!
    <eye rolling> at the guy who forgot his glasses. What a hassle.

  2. LOL on the Officer forgetting his glasses - what a hoot!  I wonder how the story of sweet Madeleine will conclude.  Hard to believe it has been 6 months.