Monday, 5 November 2007

Monday notes

Brilliant sunshine this morning - in between the showers - but not very warm. Only 8C at the moment, and it's not going to get any better as the week goes on. By the end of this week, the Scottish mountains will be donning their white hats. It's called SNOW.

Regarding the wee video in previous entry, the music is the national anthem of Zimbabwe. The second clue is the portrait of Mr Mugabe before the credits. I played it in-house here, and when the mugshot appeared, the air turned pretty blue here.

A boy of 9 was seriously injured on the A866 Stornoway to Point road on Friday, when he was run over by a car at around sunset time, 4.20pm. He was taken to Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway, to be transferred to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow. His condition is described as serious but stable.

A very sad story came out from the Shropshire town of Telford, where a young woman died after giving birth to twins. She required a blood transfusion, but declined it as she was a Jehovah's Witness. Their faith forbids blood transfusions. The British Medical Association have stated that people who decline a transfusion on grounds of faith accept the inherent risk of death.

Have to say that although I respect everybody's religious convictions, that I really dislike the various interpretations and misinterpretations of the Scriptures to some groups' ends. It has led to no end of petty strife, quite prevalent in Lewis as in other Protestant communities. The Bible was not written in English, it was written in a variety of ancient languages and translated and transcribed over and over again. The niceties in the original text may have become distorted or got lost - and who on Earth can tell what God meant by the Scriptures He left among us? I know I'm pulling down a cornerstone of the Roman Catholic faith by saying that even the Pope cannot say.


  1. It's a shame the babies were left without a moher to care for them. I have had several transfusions to save my life and My DIL the other day had to have 5 units or pints with her nose bleeds. My personal opinion on this is the scriptures doesn't mean not to use it to save lives but just don't be drinking blood as a ritual or as a drink. Helen

  2. Not warm here rain...but sun galore.  Hope your weather stays nice.  Such sad stories in this entry...hope the twin babies will be okay...that hit hard being a Mom/Grandma...take care...

  3. With respect..As far as I'm concerned Man wrote these laws down and they have become open to individuals interpretations over the centuries.  This one stinks and always will.  God also gave us brains to use them too.  
    Where is the child protection act when you need it? These parents had a choice in life as to what religion they wanted to live by...why not so these innocents who died for their parent's beliefs.  I hope they can live with themselves.  I really do.
    God bless their little souls.
    I hope the laddie in the serious traffic accident pulls through Guido.  Prayers will be said for him and his family.

    I know...I got a bit het up over that video when I saw who it was.  I guess you expected that.  At least I didn't add any expletives.  Lol!


  4. See-someone who thinks like me...they go to college to LEARN how to interpret the bible and each and every pastor ,priest-whatever..sticks their own twist on it..My bother is a Pentacostal preacher.(I have never went to his sermons-because he always was hot air).
    As for the Jehovas witness-oooh-don't get me started on that one--my ex-son-in-law is one-----the things they practice is blasphemous!!!!
    Prayers for that young boy and those orphaned babes.............
    Enjoy your sunshine while it lasts..........

  5. Obviously I missed the clues for the video :(  What a shame about the woman refusing a blood transfusion.  Makes no sense to me, she died leaving her little twins without a mother.  Where is the logic in that decision.  I whole heartily agree with you, interpretation is everything.

  6. There are often many non-blood alternatives, and there are even hospitals and doctors who specialize in operating with blood substitutes.  There are people who refuse blood transfusions for non-religious reasons, hence the surge in doctors and clinics specializing in such treatments.  A few years ago a sister of mine traveled to California and was there for three months getting her blood levels up so she could have heart surgery with no blood transfusion.  The very difficult surgery which her own doctors had told her could not be done with blood was accomplished within four hours by a surgeon who had performed thousands of them successfully.  More doctors and surgeons should be educated on the health benefits of using substitutes to blood; there are recent studies that suggest they are many.  It is sad that the lady and her babies did not make it, but she did not compromise her beliefs, and you can believe that God will remember her and her babies.

  7. Correction to previous post:  should have read "which her own doctors said could NOT be done without blood", and I realized that you didn't say the babies had died, did you?

  8. What do you want to bet that if the doctor overruled her decision and gave her a blood transfusion anyway, there'd be a lawsuit.  So much for forgiveness and all that.  pfft.



  9. How sad about the mother!!!  Awful such stupidity, as if God were prefer she die rather than raise her babies...

    be well,

  10. That is a sad story about the young mom.  I have several JW friends and have never understood that part of their beliefs.  Also the Christian Scientists that refuse to seek medical care for  themselves or their children.  Bob's mom was Christian Scientist and I talked to her about that issue at length and she could never give me a conclusive answer.  However, as she got older and became very ill, she did allow a doctor to treat her but it was too late.  The cancer had spread thru her whole body.  Very sad.     We had another sunny day here too...about 58* at the warmest part of the day.  But the sun was gone by 5pm.  What a difference a time change makes.   Linda in WA