Monday, 5 November 2007

Videos, photos and text

At last count, I had about 140 alerts open, of which a couple of dozen are actually generating entries. Journals give an insight into someone's life by written text. We all hold down restrictions what we write about, what we divulge to the world (or to our readers) at large. Or not. Some writers are quite open, and hold nothing back. Others (I have to count myself among them) only open on certain issues.

Photos expand the view you get of someone. You see a face, a view, an environment. Jan, in her latest entry in Serendipity, showed herself being crammed out of her seat at the computer desk by her dog. I have shared hundreds of pictures of the island of Lewis and its main town, Stornoway. Many have posted pictures of their homes, of improvements or lack of them.

Personal videos are few and far between. A moving image is the closest you get to someone on-line. Lisa (Please don't take life for granted) posted two videos on Saturday, showing her room and general living conditions. The relevant entry has now been taken down, and she'll be going private. I've posted videos, made of photos; I've also seen videos in which people make an entry by speaking the words.

An on-line community like J-land is restricted in its communication precisely because you don't see or hear each other, and a wrong word in the wrong place can have more serious consequences than in a face-to-face environment. Again, because you're dependent on what the other person decides to share, wrong conclusions can be drawn.

I know I regularly return to this theme, because it lies so central to a community like J-land, its strengths and concurrently, its weaknesses.


  1. It's quite difficult to know what to say sometimes as you say some reveal a lot some very little at all, however i'm nosy and like reading about the lives of the people in J-Land, saying that i would never leave nasty comments on a journal, as that hurts someones feelings and that can be done oline as well as in person.
    So if in doubt read and don't comment as you may offend


  2. Very well said Guido.

  3. I know what you are saying Guido I try to be vague about somethings ,maybe to open about others .love Jan x

  4. I struggle with this myself at times, or debate it perhaps is the better term.  I can't truly journal-journal unless I went private, perhaps even limiting readers to myself.  I want to post hundreds of photos of my lovely daughter, but I limit that, and don't say where she'll be, publically, until after the event.  Just cuz.  And, sometimes, I'd get e-mails and comments in regards to my father that were really off the mark, as I have felt limited in some of the things I could express online, publically.  It is a good reminder that we can only gauge from what is written, or photos / videos shared, and that it does not include the entire person, or his/her life.

    May this next year for you be a great one, Guido:)

  5. everyone is not who they seem here. Some take your photos and public videos and make mockerys of them online. Some, well, many go out of J land and make new blogs about you and lie and make things up. ANYONE in J Land who is public and shares ANYTHING, be it photos, secrets or videos is at risk. You do not always know who your friends are here.


  6. It's a topic that needs to be visited occasionally.  You did so very well.

  7. Guido, You write such sensible words.  everyone should always watch what they write and what pictures they might use. We live in such a funny old world that so many inocent things can be used in ways we could never imagine.  Thanks as  always    Sybilsybil45

  8. I must admit that I too am wary and have thought of going private.  Hugs, Tells x

  9. I should really put up a disclaimer in my journal that I'm a sarcastic smart ass....and no one is to take me seriously....ROFL


  10. I just right out my feelings and experiences....I hope I don't offend anyone...June

  11. I am pretty open...but at the same time guarded in some aspects.  

    be well,

  12. I posted my WEIGHT.... you all know my deepest secret, now!!!  LOL!!!
    Thanks, Guido.... good reminder for all of us to consider as we write and read.


  13. I think I'm pretty open in my journal. My age is easy to figure out, in the "About Me" section but I won't be posting my weight. LOL!   Even have a picture of myself on my sidebar.  Some things of course are just too personal or painful to share and I think that's ok.  My main goal is to show that here in Washington state, we are real people, doing real things....some think we still live in a wilderness area.  Or we are confused with the other Washington (D.C.).  I love it when people post pictures of themselves, it makes them really real to me. Linda a real person in the beautiful state of Washington, USA