Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Smoking and lung cancer

November, as Sugar has advised me, is Lung Cancer awareness month. Although lung cancer is not exclusively caused by smoking, I would like to take this opportunity to give my personal opinion on smoking.

When I was young, I once went to a family birthday, where someone smoked cigars non-stop. The air could be sliced and served up on a plate. Net result, I was sick, and I vowed never to take up smoking. And I haven't.

I find smoking about the most antisocial habit anyone can take up. It stinks, clings to clothes, hairs, furniture, books, anything. When I have been to a smoke-filled room, I have to change clothes, wash them and wash myself.

I loudly applaud the move to ban smoking in all public places which is coming in force across the UK and Europe.

Smoking is a contributor to the development of cancer, causes digestive problems and is addictive, both in a physical and in a psychological sense. Kicking smoking is very difficult, and in spite of all the gums and patches around, it is still WILLPOWER that's the main ingredient.

Don't start smoking if you don't smoke now
Stop smoking if you do smoke.


  1. I agree with you 100%. Helen

  2. I couldn't agree more.  I've always been against smoking or tobacco use of any kind.

  3. Great entry!!

    be well,

  4. I have never smoked, saw no need for it. :)
    TY for posting.

  5. As one who played with smoking on and off over the years up until 16 or so years ago I wholeheartedly agree with you Guido.
    It has ruined my health and I am always the last one to get better from chest infections because of it. I can't stay in a room or near anyone who smokes now without going into fits of coughing it is so irritant now.  Even the smell makes me feel sick now. I never used patches etc.  I just got a bad enough scare via a serious chest infection to immediately stop and not look back.  I'm so glad I did.
    Give up the 'Coffin Nails' I say too.


  6. I agree with you and watched my grandmother die of emphysema which they said was caused by her long time smoking.  I am a secret smoker - and I am ashamed of my habit which is why I physically hide it but I know the smell is there, which I hate.  I don't smoke in the house, the office, my vehicles or around any of my animals or human family.  I had tried everything to quit and have just recently gotten Chantix from my doctor.  I've not started it yet, with the death of Mittens & Gus (yes maybe an excuse, I don't know) I've been a bundle of nerves and have not yet taken the medication.  I also endorse a ban on public smoking, we always sit in the non-smoking areas since I cannot stand the smell of other peoples smoke.  I guess I am a wierd smoker but the addiction is terrible - one day I will conquer this.  Sorry for the long winded comment, this issue really hits home with me.

  7. I must comment on this having experienced our second floor lobby smelling so strong of cigarette smoke you could get an asthma attack just walking across it if you were allergic.  Then they banned them to a smoking room which even smokers practically passed out in, and finally to the out of doors.  Hooray.  Smokers won't admit it, but how sweet it is to walk through our beautiful lobbies now. My BF smoked practically non stop when he was home, burned holes in everything, and died of lung cancer at 64. He still was lighting cigarettes until they fell from his dying hand. I said, 'My God, Pierre, you lived to smoke!" I came to feel that he wanted me to take care of him at home so he could smoke instead of having to go outside!  My brother-in-law just about lost his leg this last winter from his smoking and clogging arteries, and may lose one yet or have to have more by passes! Everytime we did anything, Pierre had disappeared, to smoke! I came second to a cigarette!  Oh God, no, please don't start and try your best to quit.You are a smart man, Guido!