Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wednesday notes

The Met Office is expecting a period of very windy weather over northern Scotland during Thursday. Winds will increase during the morning to give gusts of 70-80 mph with perhaps in excess of 80 mph over the far north of Scotland, including Lewis and Orkney, bringing a risk of disruption to transport and power supplies. Showers will turn to snow at times mainly over high ground which could bring some disruption over the higher routes.

Nice one to look forward to. The above forecast is a copy of the same week in November in 2005, when we had nothing but gales for 4 days out of the 7, topping with a fully blown hurricane on the Friday.

Bright and sunny this morning, although with a lot of high cloud, making it very hazy. Feeling cool in the breeze, but it's November, so am not expecting much more.

I know I should have ignored this item, but it is reported that saggy boobs are the result of pregnancy, not of breastfeeding. Smoking also causes saggy breasts. So ladies, don't fall pregnant and (like I said yesterday) kick the cigs if you want to stay pert.


  1. To late Guido...I'm doomed!   Lol!


  2. LOL........... though, hey, at least it's no longer a disincentive for breast feeding:)

    I suppose visitors are down this time of year, with that wind?

  3. Oh my, you're going to get a big windstorm...  Batten down the hatches & stay safe and warm.  Hopefully no damage will be done.  And snow too?!?  Sounds like winter is definitely there.   As for the last part of your entry....even tho I don't smoke, I have been pregnant so it's tooooooooooo late for me.  Linda in Washington state

  4. My sisters' and their daughters boobs do not sag, even though we breast fed forever.  I think I collect fat in mine in just the right portions.  Gee, how did I get on this subject which started out with the weather, oh yes, it was that sly Guido's fault who threw this item in there knowing women like me would not be able to resist responding.  Gerry

  5. I hope you come through your storm unscathed & safe.  As for the saggy boobs - no chance of pregnancy but now you have inspired me to quit smoking.  LOL