Friday, 9 November 2007

Evening notes

After a mostly sunless day, the drizzle started to come down by nightfall. Totally uninspiring.
The answer to "Everybody met her naked" is of course your mother.

Glasgow has been awarded the privilege of hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games, in preference to Abujja, Nigeria. This offers great opportunities for regeneration of large areas of urban wasteland in the east of the city.


  1. I was holding my breath with everyone else when the news came through Guido.
    Bryan said what are you cheering for your English?   How dare he...hahahaha! I am Scottish through and through...brought up in Glasgow, even if I did leave there when I was 15 going on 16.
    I don't know if that means I have been accepted as a 'local here in England or not'.
    But you don't give up on the land of your birth....Lol!
    Congratulations to Glasgow.  I saw the gymnastics in Falkirk when Edinburgh staged them.
    Great News!


  2. Great news for Scotland Jan xx

  3. Congrats to Scotland.  I'm sure a much safe place to hold that type of an event than Nigeria.  My mother, huh?   LOL   Linda in WA

  4. I thought it was a trick question.  :(