Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday notes

Had some great difficulty this morning logging on to AOL in the webbrowser (I rarely use the client software). Finally managed it after going to an overseas subsidiary of AOL. I also notice that nobody has written an entry since 4.45 am this morning (that's just before midnight EST), so there is a problem.

Grey day in Stornoway, but we're used to that after weeks of it.

Received a letter from a chap who just sent it to me without my address, just my name and in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Curious.


  1. I've just tried an entry in my practise journal and it went through OK so I don't have any problems! Hope you get yours resolved! I'll send you a graphic for AOLHELL! Jeannette xx  

  2. I had problems last night and today trying to log on, ans yes i've also noticed that i've not got many journals through.


  3. I've been having problems for two days with entries, name it, it happened here.  Hope you can access all with no difficulty soon.  Hope you find out who sent the letter...very mysterious!  Take care...catching up today!

  4. I could not get anything, journals or otherwise to load late last evening.  I used the AOL software and various browsers with no luck.  I can't believe your letter was delivered without an address ~ our postal service is so persnickity they find any reason NOT to deliver mail.

  5. A letter with no address, just your name... wow, you must be VERY WELL KNOWN!!  Or he put it in your mailbox himself.... Hmmm!!   Very Curious!!


  6. It used to be that way here in the US back in the 1800's...but not anymore.  Perhaps it got thru to you because you live in a smaller community.  Linda in WA

  7. I thought it was my computer and ran all sorts of virus checks and aol computer checks between the screen freezing on me.  Everything is back to normal again.AOL must have been updating again..hah!

    Strange and stranger still how you managed to recieve your letter addressed like that.  The locals know know.  You would be surprised how they find things out at the Post!  Everyody knows everybody in villages.


  8. Well you are indeed "Thee Guido"...LOL....June:)

  9. What this a "chap" that you know in person?  If not, that's rather creepy that you cold be found so easily!