Thursday, 18 October 2007

Autumn moods

Can't help but noticing the contemplative if not at times slightly melancholic mood that appears to be pervading J-land this week. I've just come away from Dawn [princesssaurora] who has lost a friend a few days ago (please call round if you will). Several others are contemplating a change in their lives, whether it be in work or location, or are active in bringing about these changes.

When I returned to Stornoway on the ferry on Tuesday, it was dark by the time we docked. Sunset at the moment is only just past 6pm, and it really brought it home that summer was over and done with. Autumn was shown beautifully on the mainland by the colours of the leaves (this contributed to the number of pics I took). One gale, and they'll all be gone here. Spotted this birch tree in Rum last week.

Anyway, I wish all well and wisdom who are thinking of veering off into a new path in life, and strength to all who are nursing a loss.


  1. Thanks...It is good to know that you are always around for us all. when we feel blue/or feel happy/ Autumn is sure here with winter fast on it's heels  We had a white frost this morning. and going to be same tonght. But had a lovely sunny day and the most gorgeous sunset tonight   Sybil x

  2. Nice to know you are there for us all , Jan xx

  3. I'm still waiting for autumn to show itself here in south Texas.  It does feel comfortable outside at about 2 AM but I don't see myself getting up that early every day just to get a cool breeze..


  4. I do love the colors of autumn but why can't we skip winter and hop right into spring?  Linda

  5. I suppose we are all putting up the 'shutters' against the winter storms and becoming more contemplative because of the longer darker nights spent indoors Guido.

    I have noticed quite a bit of melancholy over the past few weeks in JLand. It has affected me when reading about people's ill health or loosing a loved one.  I am so sensitive I feel others grief and pain. There have been so many sad stories recently that I have had to switch off from it for a time  as I realise I can't do very much about it all except pray for them, which I do every night.
    I was out today taking some Autumn pictures before the winds and rains come and blow them away.  It was so crisp after this mornings frosts.

  6. Autumn is drawing in along with the cold nights. I think if it were 1000's of years ago, we would all be stocking up on our winter supplies now.

  7. Well said. {{}}

  8. Thank you... you are so dear to give a shout out for me.  I am very blessed to be a part of Jlands community.

    be well,

  9. Lovely pic's by D...and yes, Autumn is here in Northern Ireland. Hedge planting time hee hee...the grass is last!

  10. It seems we are not going to have an autumn this year.  We've been teased for a few days only to fall back into warm temps and high humidity.  Very nice sentiments.

  11. Very well said.