Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sunday notes

Weather has turned colder here. A minute ago, we were treated to a shower of rain, hail and sleet. Temperature only 8C / 46F at the moment.

Now that the clocks have gone back, researchers have stated that even such a small adjustment could cause a low-grade exhaustion. Over in Europe, there is an on-going debate whether summertime should be adopted again in 2008.

And is it true that doctors and nurses often do find passion and love in the emergency room? Well, there might just some truth behind the stories featuring in medisoaps like Casualty and ER.


  1. Oh-Lord. looks like winter's knocking at your door.Brrrr....
    My mom worked the ER(a nurse) and I think she saw nothing  romantic there....
    actually they see the worst of the worst...and I don't see how you could pick something romantic in all that..........
    maybe the intensity of "saving" someone could draw two together....oh well-to each his own,LOL

  2. Exhaustion, from what, getting an extra hours sleep again, finally, or the initial bs of losing an hour?  Okay, so I could go to your link.  Just saying *I* wish no one would ever mess with the timeclocks.  My body is one of those that does not ever truly adjust to the lack of an hour and rushing forward for months on end.  

    It's finally cold here, too, first frost finally last night, but not hail or sleet (yet), thankfully!