Monday, 29 October 2007

Page width

Apologies if you spent the past 24 hours scrolling your way left to right and back again across my blog. This was caused by the images on my Trick or Treat entry. As I use a Firefox browser, this does not show to me - but when I looked on Internet Explorer it was way too wide. I have separated the pictures with a linefeed (HTML tag: <br>), which has sorted the problem.


  1. :-)
    been there
    done that

  2. Yeah i noticed that....I was like....Omg....what's going on....LOL.....June:)

  3. I am glad that you got this corrected before I returned from a few days away. (I have to be gone if there is an argument--recovery time) This sends me crazy, and I found it very interesting that it did not show to you until you used another browser.  Paula of Country Tales had the problem for a while and so did Kelli of Noonmom and I couldn't keep from sending them suggestions as to how to shrink their lines so I would not go crazy when I came to there blogs.  Kelli could not find her problem until she finally removed a graphic in honor of the boys across the way and put in a smaller one and presto! It did not look too large but it was.  I also discovered that if the photos are too wide they won't go side by side without extending lines. I like to post them that way sometimes. Gerry