Saturday, 27 October 2007

Tuesday 16 October - Inverness to Stornoway

The last instalment of the journey back to Stornoway. The bus goes to Ullapool, and the ferry plies the Minch. The captions on some of the pictures mention Loch Glascarnoch. You can get realtime images from the webcam of the weatherstation, which stands on the western shore of the loch.

On arriving back in Stornoway it was dark. I've never travelled on a MacBrayne's ferry that arrived after nightfall, and it was a singular experience trying to pick out familiar landmarks. I had some difficulties with the Arnish Lighthouse, as it shows red out to sea. I did see the Beasts of Holm, and although the ferry has a higher superstructure, I still could not understand why the Iolaire went down off Holm on New Year's morning 1919. You can see the lights of the town from that point (last picture).

It was a cold evening that welcomed us back to the island, and we were glad to get back inside. I've decided to make a separate blog about my mainland trips, and I'll leave the URL when I've finished it.


  1. I enjoyed your photos.
    I loved the rainbows.
    It  has always fascinated me why people  would build their
    houses on the edge of water like in your pix leaving Ullapool.

  2. Another enjoyable sight-seeing trip through your album Guido.  I noticed the 'fuzzy' lighthouse picture taken as you were leaving Ullapool.  And wondered if that was the one we set off to walk and find along the shoreline of Ullapool; when the weather and my stamina stopped us so we returned defeated?  That was a  dreich day too.  Freezing cold and blowing a hoolie.  (Again!)  Lol!
    The weather makes no difference to the beauty of Scotland though.  It just dresses the scenery up in different spectacular clothes.  
    Delightful photos.
    Thank you.

  3. Once again you've taken us on a lovely journey.  Loved the rainbow, good shot.  It's always nice to get home isn't it?  Joni

  4. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Many of them left me breathless. They look like a postcard! Ullapool looks like a lovely place. I could live there and lead a quiet life...and LOVE it!
    That must have been a long journey by boat to start in the day and come back to Lewis at night. I have some catching up I'll be going backwards in your journal.

  5. Once again beautiful pictures.......June:)