Saturday, 27 October 2007


Following the tragic death of two young boys on the M56 motorway in Cheshire, northern England, well-wishers have gone to the hard shoulder of the motorway to lay floral tributes. Although a well-meant gesture, it in fact places people in danger themselves. One of the boys' parents and police have requested that floral tributes be left at a nearby footbridge or at the youngsters' primary school. On resumption of school on Monday, a lesson will be taught on the dangers of fast moving traffic.

Yesterday evening, a motorcyclist lost his life on the A9 road just north of Inverness, when he was involved in an accident. Other cars ploughed into the wreckage, and the road was closed for several hours. I have written before about the A9, which is one of the arterial routes through the Highlands.


  1. This is all so sad Jan xx

  2. The A9 is an horrendous road, one of the worst in Britain. And where is the mentality of people leaving flowers on the hard shoulder!!!

  3. I'm praying for those two boy's family it must be horrible for them...June:(

  4. It has become the norm for people to set up rather elaborate memorials along roadways where loved ones were killed here in PA the past few years.  I thought I had heard it was going to be outlawed as it was a distraction to motorists.  How tragic for the three lives lost.