Sunday, 28 October 2007

Halloween and black cats

Please spare a thought for black cats at this time of the year. I once had a black cat, called Thomas, who was an un-neutered tom. Although he was ferocious in battling any intruder, he was one of the sweetest cats you'd want in the house. He would not even spray indoors. He would lie in bed with people, not aligned along the length of the bed, but across its width. He ate what we ate, including beans, meat (obviously), butter, cheese and milk.

Thomas also had this habit of coming into the bedroom in the dead of night. I would wake up with a start by a cat meowing, jumping into the window and onto my bed. He once brought a living rabbit into the bedroom at 3 am one night, proceeded to kill it and eat it - having no problem with a screeching rabbit or crunching bones. We did. He left only the bunny's hind quarters as a keepsake for the family. He would catch birds as well as mice, throwing the latter feet up in the air for everybody's amusement.

He sowed his wild oats around, and had no inhibitions in choosing the location for that either. One morning, a female cat ambled into the garden - she was as black as himself - with four kittens in tow. Three were black, another tortoiseshell, presumably the result of another close encounter.

A less enjoyable friendship was enjoyed by Thomas with his fleas. During our holidays, the cat was put to the cattery. On our return, his fleas were jumping with joy. We made the cardinal mistake of not sending the cat around the house first.

His fighting left Thomas with open wounds, which at times would make it quite easy to locate him by smell. Our vet was familiar with the sight of a battle-scarred tom, who would fight to be put into the carrier basket - but on leaving the vet's would meekly walk back in again.

Thomas passed over the Rainbow Bridge in June 1988.


  1. i loved reading about Thomas! He sounds like a hell of a good time....oh my, if i watched him eat a rabbit, i would hide under the covers!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had a pure black cat named Charlie when we first got married I took him from my parents home to my 'new' home .Seems good ole' Charlie preferred whatever tasty treats an old neighbor lady gave him better than my fare and he stayed with her more than me.Hurt my feelings terribly,when the time came to move from that place -old Charlie seemed to know and didn't come around.I went back for many weeks but No-Charlie-Then the last time I said I'd go look for him -he came to me I picked him up and began to cry-darn cat scratched the daylights out of me as he jumped from me and ran off......that-I guess was his way of saying tootles have a nice life--without me....

  3. Nice story about Thomas. They say to keep an eye on your black or white cat or dog around Halloween around here. Helen

  4. Nice memories of Thomas! {{}}
    Yes, keep your black cat close during this next week.

  5. Bless his little kitty-kat heart!!  Guess it's a global problem around halloween having to keep a protective eye on all the black cats.  I think it's great when the shelters refuse to adopt out the black ones during this time.  We've got to protect them.  Have a blessed Sunday.  Linda  

  6. What a character was your Thomas Jan xx

  7. What a character Thomas was Guido. My late nana had a black cat called Thomas too, he loved her and her alone, the rest of us he hated! :o)

    Love Sandra xx

  8. I enjoyed reading about Thomas, he sounds like quite a character.   I am pleased to see the sign about no black cat adoptions over the Halloween period.  Two of my recent adoptions are black females and very charming.

  9. Sounds like Thomas had the best cat's life and used all his lives well.....
    Linda :)

  10. Thomas sounded a great personality! Ugh! A live rabbit?! I couldn't cope with that being eaten in the same room as me! Jeannette xx  

  11. I love my black kitty... her name is Pumpkin too, because we got her in October!

    be well,

  12. Thomas sounds as though he was well loved and cared for...missed still too I would think.
    I remember as a child listening to one of our cat's crunching on a bird underneath our bed.  There were only feathers left come the morning.  But the noise was awful!

    Thanks for sharing Thomas's memory Guido.


  13. I enjoyed reading about Thomas...what a nice life he had.  Thanks for sharing...take care!!!

  14. Ahhhhhhhh, Thomas the Tom Cat.

    I once had a black cat, named Nicole (like black coal).  Ends up, which I did NOT know in advance btw!, I had some neighbors who would do evil rituals including, this is sick, skinning cats.  I still fear that this was Nicole's demise:( and around Halloween time.

    I agree with the banning of black cat adoptions this time of year, JUST in case.

    They are as wonderful, and not, as any other feline:)

  15. I could not have a cat in my bed that has been outdoors....and eating a live no no no no.....LOL.....June:)

  16. Enjoyed the "Thomas" stories.  We once had a cat very much like him, and we had a female who brought a rabbit into the house and ate it, also.