Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sunday 14 October

We went down to Byres Road, a major shopping area in the West End of Glasgow. The place was heaving, but we had to go to another place along Argyle Street to find the computer gadget I wanted. A USB memory stick, 2GB for £15. Two years ago this would have cost me £180. Later that afternoon, we drove out of the city towards Loch Lomond. Unfortunately, the day was drawing to a close and rain started to come down, so the beauty of the area is partially obscured. We had dinner in the Counting House, the former headquarters of the Bank of Scotland on George Square, the heart of Glasgow.


  1. I love Loch Lomond, pity it started to rain ~ it's such a beautiful place. Memory sticks are really low in price now aren't they? Jeannette xx  

  2. I am all nostalgic for Glasgow now.


  3. I loved the ducks...and I bet you had an awesome dinner there....June:)