Monday, 29 October 2007

Hurricane update - 29 October

Tropical storm Noel has passed over Haiti, but continues to dump vast amounts of rain over Hispaniola. As I reported earlier today, rainfall totals could amount to between 10 and 30 inches, which will give rise to dangerous flash-floods and mudslides.

Noel will head northwest, towards the passage between the Bahamas and Cuba. It does not bring excessively strong winds (maximum windspeeds 50 mph, which is force 10 on the Beaufort scale), but does carry those rains.

Eastern Florida should monitor the progress of Noel, as the area presently lies within the cone of uncertainty. Please monitor the output from NHC. I cease reporting for the night after 8pm EDT. I may relay the 8pm EDT advisory on the tropical cyclones blog, but not the bulletins at 11pm, 2am or 5am.


  1. What you might be asleep?!  Glad it's not worse, tho if I lived in eastern Florida, certainly I'd be tuned to updates.

  2. Our journal friend Robin & her family just relocated in the Tampa Bay area of Florida (western side I believe).  Her hubby is in the Air Force so he is now assigned there.  Hoepfully, they'll get into housing soon...right now they are living in their travel trailer.  Not good in an area prone to bad storms.   Linda in WA

  3. Thank you for the information Guido....June:)