Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thursday notes

Bit of a grey, cold day out here, and it won't get any warmer as the days go by. Current temps 11C.

It was reported today that many NHS trusts in England fail to meet hygiene targets, resulting in increasing numbers of cases of Clostridium difficile (a gut infection) and MRSA (a bug that is resistant to most antibiotics). I have a dislike of the current government's preoccupation with league tables for hospitals and schools. Rather than saying which is best and which is worst, the worst performers should come in line for extra money to sort problems out, rather than the best performers. Just my opinion.

Transport strikes in France and Germany are apparently causing chaos in those

Lisa [wwfbison] has had to put her cat Mr Mittens to sleep last night. Sometimes, it is the final duty if you're a loving pet owner. But ever such a sad one. As petowner, you have a responsibility towards your animal's welfare, and it includes to cut short suffering.


  1. I've been  earlier to Lisa's and left my condolences to her and her Mum.  
    You are right about helping our pets along when they are suffering.  I so agree.

    Hospitals are open almost all day and night to more visitors.  Perhaps if we went back to more regulated times less germs would be introduced onto wards as there would be less footfall.  (Just a thought) More time could be spent on cleaning them properly.  Cleaning staff have to work around people walking about all day.   Walk into some hospitals and they are like a large villages in the air with all sorts of facilities.  

  2. I think we all remember our pets with love and fondness. One thing i can not bare is to see pets suffering it saddens me. NHS and Goverment need to get there heads together and clean up there acts. Putting private cleaning contracters into our hospitals was a big mistake. I had a hospital stay a few years ago and everything was spotless, beds pulled out, floors cleaned to a high standard food preperation areas spotless. That was before they sold out to the highest bidder.With all the cuts in NHS i am highly surprised its taken to now for people to sit up and take notice did someone in high goverment catch the super bug i wonder. Not all change is for the best.
    hope you have a good day.

  3. I was reading about the "superbug" outbreak here in the States yesterday.  It is scary to think of being admitted to the hospital with all of the infection people end up with.  Thanks for the kind words about Mittens.  You are so right, it is our responsibility to let them go.  I didn't want him to reach the point of suffering so I knew it was time.  

  4. Yes, I've been following Lisa's journal now for some time.  Was sorry to hear about Mr Mittens passing.  Loosing a dear pet, leaves a hole in your heart that none other can fill.   It's already stormy here.  Rained hard all night...the wind has hit the coast of Washington, 120 miles west of me.  It's expected to hit here about 2 this afternoon.  Linda

  5. When I was working at a hospital here in U.S., we were all extremely precautions of our patients with MRSA and VRE because in giving good care, often the hospital staff could get it if we weren't careful.

    I read Lisa too and haven't gotten to all my journal alerts yet so I didn't know about Mr. Mittens.  I'll run right over there and drop my condolences.  It's such a hard thing to have to do.  She made the right choice for his sake though.


  6. I was listening to an article on Radio 4. The lady concerned mentioned over the rainbow..the place for memorials to be placed for loved one's pets...i'm sure she meant your rainbow...I said a myself. xx

  7. There have been several people with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection who have died in the past few days in the US.  
    It's good to see you back home and posting.

  8. C Diff and MRSA are a big problem in the NHS but as you said, we need more funding for the worst hospitals. All the funding in the world won't stop infections being passed on, we need to educate staff in hand washing etc. How many times do we see doctors doing their ward rounds going from one bed to another without going to the sink to wash their hands between patients? Nuff said!! Nice to see you back! Jeannette xx