Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Tuesday notes

Afternoon all, from a dreich, dreich Stornoway. Drizzle and rain have ruled the roost all day, and it's getting worse. Three fishing boats came into port 2 hours ago, two assisting one other which appears to be in trouble. It is currently up on the Goat Island slipway for repairs.

Those of you who have been following my blogs for some time may be familiar with the cast-iron railings in Stornoway. Most towns in the UK lost their railings during the Second World War, as they were all torn down - ostensibly to contribute towards the war effort. However, you cannot recast cast-iron. I have it on good authority that it will explode, due to its very high carbon content. Now, a historian will be going round the place to photograph all the railings.


  1. I can remember as a small child ,seeing stubs of cast iron sticking out of low walls around houses ...love Jan xx

  2. Our local church in north London had all its railings missing as I recall.....my mum said they were melted down for the war effort

  3. I'm the same as Jan below.  I remember being told that the stubs of metal railings sticking out of the ground in our tenement back courts were what was left of the railings which were given for the war effort.  I also remember falling onto one and ripping my arm open as a child.  Even though it was blunt.  Weird!
    Lovely railings in the picture Guido.  I remember them being posted before.
    Sorry your weather is dreich.  I wont annoy you by telling you what ours is like.


  4. I love the cast iron railings.  You don't see a lot of those here in my part of the U.S.  Mostly wood, which, in this rainy climate doesn't last all that long, even when the wood is treated.  The latest is a  synthetic product that looks like wood.  Made out of recycled plastic items, I understand...now that will not rot in the rain. The sun is out here again this morning...no rain for a couple days, or so they say.  Linda in Washington state

  5. One of the big houses nearby lost it`s gates for the war effort too. What on earth happened to themn once they found they couldn`t be used?

    Love Sandra xxxx

  6. That is lovely - cast iron really dresses up a home or property.  You don't see too much of it around here anymore.

  7. Interesting about the cast iron.

    And, you are thee only person I've ever know to use the word "dreich."  In fact, I gather its definition from the weather you describe in relation to how and when you use that word:)

  8. Brighton still has quite a lot of cast iron although we did lose a lot in the war so I'm told. Hope the weather brightens up for you! Jeannette xx