Sunday, 21 October 2007

Visit to Rum

This video is a compilation of all pictures taken on the Isle of Rum, when I visited on October 12th. Some were included in an earlier entry; those inside the castle and beyond I shall include in a separate entry tomorrow. For now, enjoy the video.

I am switching the music midway through to emphasise the contrast between the castle and the environment it stands in. The speaker, Sorley MacLean, laments those who left the Hebrides to fight and die for King and Country in the First World War. The Rumachs of old were kicked off their island in 1826 to make way for sheep, never to return either.


  1. From wild to wonderful ,I thought this was fantastic ,and I know its often said ,but Thankyou for posting/sharing this,am going to click 'save as new' and look again later Jan xx

  2. Second visit and just as impressed ,lovely ,lovely Jan xx

  3. I agree with Jan, lovely!!!

  4. My silly radio laptop signal kept stopping and starting the music on the video Guido.  Its been spoiling my UTube videos for a while now.  I persevered with yours and heard the different contrasts of music eventually and I think you did well there.  The moods and pictures were well described by the music.  Well done!
    You have such patience!
    Thanks for that.

  5. Very nice...loved the photos...enjoyed the music too.  
    Take care!!

  6. That was really nice.  I like the way you put it together, and I loved the music.

  7. Oh, I enjoyed the video so much  I have been wondering how you do that. Dave says first you have to do the sound track and then add the photos.  I am hoping to get more ambitious with a video one of these days.  Gerry