Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday notes

Madeleine McCann is likely dead, according to her parents. I am getting fed up to the back teeth with all the latest revelations and allegations about the poor girl's parents, Kate and Gerry, who actually brought down this whole storm on themselves in their quest to find their missing daughter. They did so by using the double-edged sword of the media. It worked well to raise awareness, but since they became named suspects under Portuguese law, things have gone into reverse at a rate of knots. I don't want to hear any more, thanks.

Diana Princess of Wales may have died because someone on a motorbike is alleged to have shone a light into her chauffeur's face as he thundered down the Alma Underpass in Paris. She may have been pregnant. She may have been about to announce an engagement. Do I sound as if I care?

A contraceptive pill without side-effects may be introduced within the next decade or two. Don't you believe it. There is NO pill without side-effects. The new pill works via a different mechanism than the current hormonal pill.

House-prices in the UK are set for a correction, i.e. a downward move. It's about time - house prices have gone bananas in recent years. What worried me as well was the news that some people pay their mortgage on their credit cards. A classical example of plugging one hole with another.

I was sorry to learn that Barb [barbpinion] lost her 16-year old grandson over the weekend. No details were given in the entry, which has already attracted more than 80 comments, well done J-land.

Finally, spare a thought too for Lisa [wwfbison], whose cat Mittens was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. The poor creature only has a few weeks to live.


  1. Wow-don't get you started,LOL
    Have a nice eve

  2. Welcome home.   Enjoyed your photos.   Dawn

  3. I agree with your cooments RE: the mcanns and Princess regards Princess Diana let her rest in peace.
    With house prices down some may get on the property ladder simply because ppl are paying mortgages with credit cards and may loose there homes anyway.perfect example of irresponsible lending.
    enjoyed the pictures


  4. It's good to see you back safe and sound from your trip.  I look forward to catching up with your journal over the next day or two.

  5. A Diana inquest 10 years on is not going to do those 2 boys or the tax payers any good. It should have been carried out then not now. Mcanns:Anyone that goes out drinking and leaving 3 very young children alone need some type of social services intivention. I know we should not judge but i can not help thinking the world as gone mad.
    love and hugs

  6. I have been hearing those stories about Diana as well, seems people will never let her rest in peace.  Our housing market is on a downward spiral as well.  People were paying above the asking price for homes in our area so all the prices went sky high.  Reality hit hard & fast as of late and now folks are owing more than their homes are actually worth.  

  7. Poor Madeleine (sp).  I haven't read my newspapers in, um, going on 2 weeks now and will likely just recycle them instead of pretending I"m reading them, so thank you for posting this.  Otherwise, I likely wouldn't have heard it for ages.  My heart goes out to her:( innocent little girl and yes, the grieving parents/family as well.

    Wow about Diana.  She is (was) my age, and I felt for her, dying while she was just about to be reunited with her boys who were with their father for an extended period of visitation.  For a flashlight shining..........   you may not care, perhaps over there it's way overly media frenzied (for both of these stories), but I had not heard of either bit of news.  So, thank you.

    And, wwfbison -- heading to her journal shortly........................