Thursday, 25 October 2007


The wind has increased steadily through the afternoon, and is now blowing a sustained force 7, that's near-gale. Two private weather stations elsewhere in Lewis report gale-force winds, force 8 to 9, with gusts reaching close to 55 mph. The ferry has been cancelled; the Isle of Lewis will remain in Ullapool overnight, to return to Stornoway on its scheduled run at 10.30 am tomorrow morning. The island of North Rona, an uninhabited outpost 70 miles north of here is reporting force 9 to 11 winds.

Complicating factor: a springtide is due at 6pm, which will peak at 5.3 metres, nearly 18 feet. The southerly wind blows right into the harbour here, so certain areas in the town can expect wet feet. Fortunately, it is dry and sunny, so the river will not contribute to any flood woes.

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  1. I shiver to hear of this and glad it's not likely to cause flooding.  Presumably you're safe and warm and dry inside:)