Saturday, 20 October 2007

Saturday notes

Slightly friendlier weather today, with some sunshine. The blustery wind isn't all that cold - I'm not complaining about 13C / 55F in late October.

England is readying itself for the Rugby World Championship final against South Africa, and I wish them good luck in the match tonight.

We have a couple of gents from the States in who are on a whisky trail. What they are doing in Lewis is unclear to me, as there are no distilleries in the island. However, plenty of outlets (read: pubs), so a rare gem might come out of a bottle here or there.


  1. Yes brilliant sunshine here in the fens after very foggy start,hope the two gents enjoy the local brew ,and enjoy a few wee hoffs Jan xx

  2. Sun !!  How wonderful....we're supposed to see the sun again on Monday (or so they say.)  You're about 10 degrees warmer than we are at this moment.  Linda in Washington state