Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Evening notes

Autumn gales can be expected on Friday and Saturday. Force 8 to 9, yippee. In summary, the weather this week is pretty grotty. I'm feeling sorry for the folk who came to stay earlier this evening. They are travelling the islands by public transport, and are running into winter timetables.

The Scottish elections, in which 184,000 people were disenfranchised due to incorrectly marked voting papers, were the subject of heated exchanges in the House of Commons. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition David Cameron had a high old ding-dong to apportion or not apportion blame for the entire debacle. Do we get a rerun? Like hell will freeze over.


  1. I bet it was a heated exchange.  That's too many people not able to have their votes count.  Grotty, eh.  Dreich and grotty.  Both rather descriptive terms, and likely apt.  Hope it's enjoyable and warm inside.

  2. I've got to pray for sunshine for you soon!!!  It would seem you are getting the worst of the weather up your neck of the woods Guido.
    We had a good old hard frost this morning when I woke up.  And the heat mist leaving the lake was like a really dense cloud.
    It hovered for a good wee while until the sun rose a bit higher and let off some warmth to dissipate it for the day.
    Gales for you over the weekend?  Aye!  How dreicher can it get?


  3. I'm hoping the winds won't be too strong up there Guido. Just been catching up on today's entries, you got some great photos on your trip to the mainland. Sorry I couldn't comment on each one but it's been a long day with a royal visit thrown in too! Jeannette xx  

  4. You be careful Guido...and try to stay inside.....June:)