Sunday, 21 October 2007

Friday 12 October - Mallaig and Rum

Friday dawned dreich, overcast and drizzly. We spent the morning looking around the village, having a coffee in Water's Edge and browsing through the Mallaig Heritage Centre, next to the railway station. At 12 o'clock, we made our way to the ferry terminal. MV Coruisk departed for Skye, making way for the ferry to Rum, MV Loch Nevis. It left just after 12.45 and sailed past the southern tip of Skye (Aird of Sleat) to Rum in 80 minutes. Pretty good going. After disembarking at Rum, you have to walk along an unpaved road with plenty potholes to the Castle. That's the best road in the island. Beyond the Castle, the road deteriorates to the point that even four-wheel drive vehicles can only do about 8 mph. The track to Dibidil, which I've sarcastically annotated as a three-lane super highway, gives an idea. I'll devote a separate entry to Kinloch Castle.


  1. Hi, I have just found you via 'a bowl of cherries' and I confess I had to ask my husband Rob what 'dreich' was (he is a Glaswegian). I now know as he pointed to the t.v which was showing a particularly wet & windy scene in 'Braveheart' (he is watching it on Sky....his favourite film!!!). I have put you on my alerts and I hope you will pop by and see me sometime!! Regards, Joan. I love the pics by the way!!

  2. More wonderful photos Guido.  The walk looked easy enough...not mountainous I mean.  Interesting views of the islands as you sailed.
    The 'Railway Chairs' were interesting.  I wonder why there was an elephant carved into the bottom of one?  That must have been an interesting story once.
    We Brits are used to dreich weather.  If we stayed in because of that we wouldn't have a life...Lol!
    I so enjoy these photo galleries of your trips.  Wonderful!  One day you might catch sight of a whale or dolphins as you cross the seas.  That would be a special photo!


  3. I just love love love looking at your slideshows...they take me on a journey away from this small town of mine...if only for a few minutes....<smiles>....June:)

  4. Phew! That was some walk to Kinloch, gotta sit down and have a cuppa tea now! Thanks for the scenic journey, it looks beautiful there. Jeannette xx