Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Call for support

Joyce (springangel235) keeps a private journal, but those that read her will be aware that her husband suffered a heart attack in the last 24 hours. Please keep her in thoughts.

Lori (bowyerlori) is in the hospital after her doctor sent her there, with the terse description of a "belly full of blood". That's deeply worrying, and hope all ends well. Please leave a message of support.


  1. Geez that is awful.
    My brother just got back from being in the ICU for 4 days passing blood-the more they gave him the more it came out.They never did figure out why,guess they're going to run more tests.

  2. Thank you Guido, been to both.

  3. That`s awful news Guido, I`ll visit straight away.

    Love Sandra xx

  4. I was so sorry when I heard of Joyces husband having a heart attack Guido. Poor soul, I hope he recovers. Wonder what a bellyful of blood is, hope Lori is OK. Jeannette xx  

  5. Just visited Lori, scary words from a Doctor.

  6. Thank you so much Guido for the mention...all seems well husband is doing fine.  TaKe care!