Thursday, 25 October 2007

Thursday notes

Sun is shining brightly, although there is some cloud about. A gale warning is posted for this evening, and the high winds will persist through tomorrow. Will have to get my sou'wester out at this rate.

Am pleased to hear that the winds in California are now starting to die down, allowing firecrews to tackle all the blazes. Have yet to do the rounds on alerts, and hope all in California are well. Am saddened to learn of the three fatalities that the wildfires have claimed.

All quiet on the hurricane front - the Southern Hemisphere season commences next week.


  1. You got sunshine? I'm on my way, we've got heavy cloud cover here! The fires are awful, I hope the Santa Ana winds are dying down now so the blazes can be controlled, it must be terrifying. Jeannette xx  

  2. Its a nightmare scenario over in California.  I saw a satelite photo of the devastation and the area is huge!  God love those poor folks who died and the others who are having to face up to being homeless for some time.  I cannot imagine what they must be going through.
    Glad you have been given a little window to the sunshine.  <smile>
    We all need a little lift every now and then...yes?
    Make sure you tie your sou'wester tightly under your chin if you go out in the gales dear chap.  Lol!
    Enjoy the sunshine today.

  3. Glad at last that you have some sunshine. Typical though that the gales arrive. watch out you are not blown away !!  or get your feet wet !!  Sybil

  4. High winds can be some scary be careful.....June:)