Saturday, 29 December 2007

Close of day

Time I was off to bed.
Just want to close the matter of the Impersonation with these notes.

I have been forwarded copies of IMs between two J-landers and the impersonator. In both of them, the culprit claimed to be innocent of trying to get credit card info from people on her first blog, Lilyland. She also said that "nobody" had visited that journal. It should be pointed out that last weekend, she claimed that 1.3 million people had visited the site.

Furthermore, the culprit changed names from Lily to Miley (like you do), changed ages from 15 to 17 within 24 hours. "Other people" had put the offending material in the journal, ostensibly. If you spoke to the impersonator before she was taken off air, do not be fooled. This was a scammer at work. It wasn't even certain we're talking about a female; it might well have been a male.

Anyway, on to the last weekend of the year.


  1. You did a grat job getting this matter looked into, Guido.  I saw your name on my buddy list and went to the chat room to see if you were in there tonight.  Had a nice chat with Justplainbill.  Sorry I missed you.  Take care!

  2. Geesh, some people.  

  3. Thanks for the warnings

  4. Thank you for taking care of this matter. Also thank you for you tribute in J-Land Angels.


  5. My only hope is that this person (he or she) doesn't pop up again under a different name.  We need to continue to be vigilant and watch for these imposters.   Linda in Washington state  

  6. Good work in reporting this and getting it removed.  Everyone needs to remember, never, never, give out any personal informaton such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or anything of the sort.  Businesses that are legitimate will have secure methods of paying for their goods or services.  Never give it out straight up.  Great job on getting the information out, Gudo.


  7. Well done on your super vigilant attention to this Guido ,Thanks for helping to keep J Land a nice place to be Jan xx