Wednesday, 26 December 2007

J-land Tribute

During 2007, J-landers lost relatives and friends, and I would like to dedicate this post to those who passed on this year, either writers themselves, or those near to them. This is not just family, or friends, but also J-land pets. I do not want to cause distress by naming those who lost loved ones this year, as in many instances the loss is still keenly felt.

Several people, or those near to them, also continue to suffer ill health, and I hope their fortunes will improve in the new year.

In memory of J-landers

Jim - halliday0957 - a self-professed teenage killer, in other words a veteran of World War II. He was not long with us, but left an indelible impression with some pretty forthright writing of his exploits in the East Indies. His son, who lives in the US, gave him cause for grave concern, not knowing he would pass to the parade ground in the sky only a few weeks later.

Pennie - penniepooh - was a popular writer from Ohio, who passed away in October, following a recurrence of cancer.

Barbara - babeboo73 - suffered a relapse of cancer in the autumn and died in November.

Lahoma - mzgoochi - died only last night (December 25), after a third battle with cancer.

Kim - demandnlilchit - died late on December 26th after valiantly battling an aggressive form of cancer. She was an example to many.

All sadly missed, but not forgotten. If I have inadvertently missed out any J-landers who have passed on in 2007, please leave a note.


  1. lovely tribute Guido...  hugs to you

  2. Wonderful tribute to those who have left us.  I think also of so many J-Land friends who have lost their dear pets this past year.  For them often it's like loosing a member of their family.   Linda in Washington state

  3. Thanks for doing this and particularly for remembering my dear friend, Jim.  I do miss him.  Hugs, Tells x

  4. Thank you for doing this. I only knew Jim, and Penny. And I miss them both.


  5. This is so wonderful and beautiful of you to dedicate your post to those who have passed.  The picture is amazing.  


  6. Wonderful tribute. TY.
    I only knew Pennie, but I feel for the families of all.
    May they find peace.

  7. May God be with their souls, and with their families.

    Thanks, Guido.  This time of year, the Christmas season and New Year, it is time of reflection and feelings about our loved ones.  May the new year be a good one.

  8. A beautiful tribute Guido and very touching.  Very sadly, soon you will have to add Kim, she has been given very little time to live.  The tears I have shed today. What a hideous year this has been.

  9. A lovely picture and tribute.

  10. Thanks, again, Guido.  I did not know that Lahoma had passed also... I was just getting to know her.  So very sad.


  11. What a lovely way to remember our friends Guido , God bless them Jan xx

  12. Thank you. You are a true Gentleman. We have so many happy memories of friends who have passed through our lives,  Kim's death is particularily poignant today    Sybil xx

  13. Thank you for adding Kim, Guido.  This tribute was a lovely thing to do.  

  14. I knew some-some I hadn't had the pleasure...
    Makes me feel guilty I hadn't commented more on thier journals.
    It means alot to know someone out there acknowledges that we are here and appreciates us just being ourselves....
    You're always there and letting us know what we may have missed --
    Letting you know we are grateful for you,Guido...
    Take care....

  15. Guido, this is so touching...I had the honor of knowing Kim & Lahoma but didn't have the opportunity to meet the others.  My thoughts & Prayers are with their families.  It has been a difficult year indeed in so many ways.

  16. what words can we use to express that life is a bit more empty without these people? You sit and ask why did this have to happen. You are told to trust God and He has a will and has a reason too for taking those we care for. I just know i get filled up with sadness and pray they felt no pain.

  17. This was a very fitting tribute and beautiful lighthouse.  I knew three of the five pretty well.  I'm still saddened by the loss. Thank you for doing this.