Friday, 28 December 2007

Friday notes

A very late first entry, as I was late out of bed and a couple of things needed doing first. Here we are, just before sunset. It is growing increasingly cloudy here, and rain is less than 30 miles away, according to the weather radar. Not terribly warm or cold at 6C.

Australia is looking its first tropical cyclone of their season in the eye, but Melanie will probably veer away from the Kimberley before it gets too close for comfort. Other low pressure systems across the northern end of Australia are grumbling as well, so things are getting decidedly hot underfoot down under.

I have advised the legal team behind the impersonated celebrity of the nefarious website I mentioned last night. I am not giving full details on an open blog, but suffice to say I had a reply, saying they're looking into it. AOL has been notified, as has the Journals Team. It is decidedly undesirable to have someone on the Net, grooming gullible young teenagers by dint of impersonating a popular, 15-year old star.

Al Qa'eda have claimed responsibility for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, yesterday. It was a major triumph for that Medusa of an organisation, destabilising a key ally of the USA in their battle with Al Qa'eda. Ms Bhutto had returned to Pakistan only recently, and was gearing up to stand against Pervez Musharraf, the current president. Please ignore any claims of religious imperative when viewing events there - there is a wider picture to be observed, and that has grown a shade darker since yesterday.

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  1. Both begin and end your entry with darkening.

    I prefer the events in the first paragraph, of course.

    In the last paragraph, well, it'd make for quite a novel, interesting names and storyline, but a sad tale for real life.