Saturday, 29 December 2007

Saturday notes

Overcast with rain moving away east. Not very warm, only 6C.

Tropical cyclone Melanie, now off Western Australia, is likely to stay offshore. The cyclone will reach hurricane strength tomorrow, and the coastal strip west of Port Hedland might get hurricane force winds and might get heavy rains.

The webbrowser Netscape will cease to be supported as of February 1, 2008. Netscape was one of the first browsers, at one point commanding 90% of the market. However, stiff competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer and a withdrawal of support from main sponsor AOL (familiar with that one?) meant that Netscape will no longer be updated. Its staff will be transferred to the Mozilla foundation to work on the Firefox browser, which presently holds 16% of the market.

I am one of their users, and I have to say it is more userfriendly and safer than IE. Internet Explorer 7 is a dead duck to me, as I cannot get it to work properly. Internet Explorer 6 has holes in it, which recently allowed a spyware toolbar to install itself, after I made use of it. I do use IE, but only for uploading large batches of pictures. AOL's Picture tools only work on IE, not on Firefox. Once they come up with a You've got Pictures that allows bulk uploads on Firefox, that'll be the end for IE as far as I'm concerned.


  1. We have brilliant sunshine here in Northants, a bit breezy but as we are indoors it does not bnother us!!!

  2. Bright sunshine for us today Guido but still a very chilly breeze.  I have never used Netscape, sorry if its loss will cause you problems.

  3. I seem to have some kind of problem with all of them.  One application will work here, another there.  I have Firefox installed and used it two or three times ~ I always forget it is there.  Netscape was the one I was forced to use at the office for a number of years.