Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Eve notes II

Nice bright weather is bringing us a very cold night, temperatures barely above zero.

I went to the shop this afternoon to buy ingredients for New Year buns. I'll post the recipe on the Recipe Book journal at some stage. Somerfield store was absolutely and positively heaving. On return, I proceeded to make the buns, which left me slaving over a very hot stove for an hour or so. After that, it was sweet & sour spicy.

At 7.45, I  went out to Goat Island to capture pictures of the fireworks display. I don't know if the webcam caught it; only about 4 people actually watched it on there. Pictures are disappointing - the cold brought on a thin mist, which wreaked havoc with the background. Anyway, it was as impressive as ever.

I've just made my way through more than 80 alerts, the largest batch I've seen for a long time. For now, I'll be awaiting the stroke of midnight, just under two hours away.

Happy New Year!

If you let off fireworks, please be careful.
If you drink alcohol tonight, do not drive for at least 8 hours after your last beverage


  1. Happy New Year Guido


  2. Would love to sample one of those buns!  The fireworks look very pretty.  Cannot understand the shop being so busy, only a one day holiday and some places will still be open.  We got a nice piece of Pork to road tomorrow but we bought it before Christmas.  Yes, it has been very busy on here today, the busiest I remember in a long while.

  3. lol, that should read Pork to roast tomorrow, my eyes are so tired from all the reading and commenting.

  4. The pictures of the fireworks are great ~ your buns look nice too!  ;)
    Happy New Year Guido!

  5. Happy New Year Guido!  May 2008 bring all good things

  6. DID ANYONE ELSE KNOW ABOUT THIS RECIPE JOURNAL!!???  LOL!!!  I think Guido is hiding some pretty smart talents, here!!!  Thanks, Guido... browsed that journal a bit and copied some great looking recipes!!!


  7. I have made black eyed peas for our new years eve dinner....
    I love the Orion shot, so clear....
    and the fireworks are amazing too.....
    Linda :)

  8. ladymagnolia19631 January 2008 at 09:38

    I loved the pictures of the fireworks, they came out well Ü.

    I too am making my way through several journals that need to be read and responded to. So much has been happing in J-Land in such a short peroid of time. I feel the need to be reconnected to everyone.

    From our home to yours we wish you a very Happy 2008!


  9. A recipe book?  I had to take a peek.  My family loves cabbage so the Savoy Cabbage Special jumped at me.  Your buns look delicious also.  Have a great day!  Chris

  10. I saw the recipe a few minutes ago in the Recipe journsl.  They look so good.  I hope you enjoyed them.  The fireworks are so pretty.  Great shots.  Have a great week...

  11. I almost typed 'Your buns look awesome!' and then thought "Whoa....wrong word play there!"  hahahahahahaha....

    I celebrated with my faux champagne and the traditional 12 grapes.  Lucky for me, I didn't choke.  That would have been a bad way to start the new year, huh?!