Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Eve notes

Brilliantly sunny day, with hardly a breath of wind.

There will be a fireworks display in Stornoway, which I shall relay on the webcam from 8pm onwards. The start is booked for 8pm, but may be delayed if the ferry is late coming in. The display will take place adjacent to the shipping channel, used by the ferry, and it is obviously not safe for the vessel to pass through a shower of burning debris.

Australia has started to welcome the new year, with the famous fireworks display on the Sydney harbour bridge heralding 2008.  The celebrations in Oz are being hampered by poor weather up and down the country.


  1. Hope the firework display in Stornoway goes well. Australia always does a magnificent one, sad they are having bad weather.  London was spectacular last year also

  2. I hope you enjoy the fireworks show tonight.  I'll try and check in on your webcam about that time.  Happy New Year, Guido!  Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

  3. It may be pots and pans here tonight at midnight, while many drink champagne and in theory kiss.  

    Happy new year, Guido.

  4. If the past is any gauge, I'll be asleep or in bed reading my book with Gabi curled up next to me...when the chaos start here.  I expect my neighbors have a stock pile of fireworks left over from the 4th of July to shoot off into the wee hours of the morning.  There's a great display, shot off the Space Needle in Seattle but I probably won't watch it. It looses something when you watch fireworkds on the tube.   Linda in WA  

  5. I love to see the Sydney firework display when they televise it ~ it is the most impressive display I think I see for the New Year.