Saturday, 29 December 2007


Here I was, blissfully logging on to AOL this morning, quietly content at a job well done.

Not so.

Here was an email saying the relevant screenie was still on-line, if idle.
Here was an email saying the journal MileyWorld was still on the AOL servers, if private.
Here was an email from AOL Journals last night, saying the culprit's account had been terminated, along with the journals it contained.

Someone is telling a pack of fibs.
I sincerely hope will throw the legal book at the culprit, and at AOL.


  1. I could not agree more.  I was flabbergasted to still see her member profile and to get the message at first "You cannot access this private journal".  Only last night Jan and I thanked the person in chat for taking the matter seriously.  I am furious.

  2. What on earth is  going on   One hand not knowing what the other hand is doing ? sybil x