Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Monday 01/01/07

The year 2007 is brought in with ships' horns blowing in the harbour and the odd pop of firework. We wish each other a happy new year with a glass of champagne. The nations of Romania and Bulgaria join the EU today. Mrs B's son calls in with his kids & wife, and later on we toddle off down the road to visit mrs B's brother-in-law. On return, at 1.30, one of our guests has come down and joins in the celebrations. These carry on until about 5 am, with myself off to bed by 6, the guest at 7.45 and mrs B's son, currently here on holiday, at 11.20. Everybody is present and more or less correct by 2.30pm. The weather outside is showery with occasional hail - it's quite cold, only 4C. Great cloudscapes though. Supper is roast chicken with potatoes and sprouts. BBC4 has a meagre documentary about the Archers, the radio soap I have listened to for nearly 25 years now.


  1. Beautiful photos...the skies here never look as pretty as there...take care...

  2. Sounds like a nice New Year.  Great Pictures, Guido!  So pretty!

  3. loved the pics Guido...HAPPY NEW YEAR with good health and happiness through-out 2007.


  4. Really nice pictures, Guido.  I enjoy these entries that give us a glimpse into your daily life over there.  I'm not sure if I'm facinated more by the differences or the similarities.  I celebrate both!