Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year's Day

More details in the diary entry, but as you would have noticed from the previous entry, I went to bed quite late. I think it was past 6 o'clock in the morning. One other person here hit the sack at 7.45, and when I reemerged at 11.20, I found someone sound asleep in the sitting room, all lights still blazing amidst a forest of glasses and bottles. Anyway, all were present and more or less correct by 2.30. The sun decided to give way to a hailshower at that time, otherwise a reasonably nice if cold day - only 4C according to Weatherpixie.

I was horrified to hear that a girl of 5 had been killed by a pitbull terrier in Merseyside. Her grandmother, with whom she was staying, received serious injuries and is in hospital, but she is not in any immediate danger. I intensely dislike pitbulls, and they are subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which places them under severe restrictions. The animal concerned has been put down.

I hope everybody's hangovers have successfully gone away - please remember that you may still be over the legal drink drive limit up to 8 - 12 hours after the last alcohol beverage. Don't get caught out. A fine or penalty points is the least of your worries; you could cause an accident and hurt yourself or somebody else - or worse.


  1. I dislike dangerous dogs of any kind. People shouldn't own dangerous dogs, as you never know when they are going to attack an owner or someone else. Helen

  2. I think the problem with pit bulls are mostly the people who have them.  They think it's a sign of being a "tough guy."  I've seen Rottweilers (also considered a dangerous breed) who were raised with TLC and little children, who crawl all over them and they just lay there.  But when you raise a dog to be vicious and to attack are raising a very dangerous animal.  What an awful tragedy for the little girl's family.  What a sad way to start the New Year.  No hangovers here...a big glass of milk was all I had to drink last night with dinner which consisted of a bowl of home made vegetable soup.  Linda in Washington state

  3. I'm with you on the pitbulls. Some people have tried to raise them as pets and the dogs have turned on them with their natural killer instinct. Happy new year Guido, I'm glad I don't drink, I don't think I could cope with a hangover! Jeannette xx  

  4. I agree with you on Pit Bulls. Why someone would even want to have one is beyond me.  As far as the hangover, well, the strongest thing I had to drink was coffee.  I just don't drink much at all.
    Have a good evening.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the little girl.  They recently passed a "Dangerous Dogs" Ordinance in Louisville KY, because of several attacks last year.  I wrote an entry last summer about a neighbor down the street from us who has two big Rottweilers that I'm sure will cause some trouble sooner or later, and I have seen other people in the neighborhood walking pit bulls.  I can do without them.

  6. Doc got through the holidays by discouraging any drinking buddies from dropping by.  He is still making great preparations and plans for quitting drinking.  I hope this works.  Gerry  

  7. "more or less correct"  I love that.  
    As for the pit bull, we have had cases here where the dogs were not put down & attacked again.  I love animals, but.....