Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Close of day

Tropical storm Fay, inland over central Florida, has intensified a little. The storm will slowly move north and out to sea. It will come back to haunt Florida as a category 1 hurricane, and could pass across to the Gulf of Mexico. Keep an eye on the NHC for forecasts and advice. There is a tropical storm warning out for southern Georgia as well.

Here is the link to pictures from my visit to Crossbost this afternoon. Researched the gravestones I found, with help from local people in the area.


  1. Those pictures are awesome Guido... Those tombstones really are something. Really great stuff...


  2. I'm glad the storm wasn't too destructive to everyone. The pictures are awesome and the tombstones are amazing!!!!!

    Pooh Hugs,

  3. Love the cat picture, also the church,the loch and the tombsones....... such sad losses.

    Hugs Jayne

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos Guido, The graveyard looks such a beautiful resting place, though many of its inhabitants were lost far too young.

    Love Sandra xx