Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday 26 August

Grey day in Stornoway, although the breeze has dropped a little when compared to the last few days. Summer has definitely gone - a process already started 4 weeks ago.

The UN says that the production of opium in Afghanistan has dropped when compared to 2007. Fewer provinces now grow the opium poppy, used to produce heroin. Helmand province, scene of operations for the British contingent, accounts for two-thirds of all opium produced in the country.

The Russian government has recognised the break-away regions of Abchazia and South Ossetia in Georgia as independent states. That will really help the situation down there; more to the point, it puts the lie in statements from the Russian government that they are there as peacekeepers. Over the weekend, a US warship docked at the Georgian port of Batumi with humanitarian supplies - it should have gone to Poti, further north, but this port is held by Russian forces, and the Americans don't want a face-to-face confrontation with Russian troops.


  1. I tell you, I'm not sorry to see summer go.  Maybe now I can stick my nose out of the house for more an a couple minutes...


  2. Where oh where has our summer days gone...I am still waiting...mayeb we will have an indian summer....wonder what they would call a late summer in India!! LOL.. Mary and I hope that we will at least get som ewarm weather when we get to South Africa,  Love Sybil xx


  3. Summer really IS over -- today being the first day of school here.  It's been coming, and, also windier.  Not clear yet how much wind and rain we'll get near me from Hurricane Gustav.  BTW, there was once another Hurricane Gustav, just obviously not very memorable.  This was decades ago.  Memorable ones means that the name gets retired.

    Georgia..........  shaking my head........

  4. I'm not too sorry to see summer go, because I'm not a fan of hot weather, plus.....the faster it goes, the sooner Jan will com and I can move back into my house :) The Georgia stuff has me shaking my head constantly.....so sad.

    Pooh Hugs,

  5. Keeping everyone in the path of Gustav in my prayers.

    Well here in London today the weather is awful........ we have had rain half the night, thunder at around 9am and its raining still. We are supposed to get thunder storms this afternoon/evening......... must admit i love the electric ones. :o)

    Have a great Sunday
    hugs Jayne