Thursday, 14 August 2008

Thursday 14 August

Another visit to South Harris today, with mrs B in attendance. Like yesterday, the bus left at 10 am and took us to Scarista in 2½ hours; this includes a half-hour stop-over in Tarbert (filled in with coffee and carrot cake) and photo-stops along the way. A Czech lady alighted north of Tarbert at Maraig, intending to march through the hills to the main town of Harris. The weather being sunny and warm, it won't have taken her long.

At Tarbert, the usual posse of tourists joined the bus, filling it up to capacity. We were dropped off at the church at Scarista, where I photographed more wargraves, including several private ones. By this I mean family gravestones, which refer to death by war. Trying to find access to the beach was tricky, and curtailed our time there - the return bus was due at 1.45. It delivered us to Stornoway at 3.30.


  1. Good that you had a nice warmer kind of day today and a succesful photographing session...Been a bit better here today as well only three big storms !!  To be good tomorrow...Yipee..Love Sybil xx

  2. Well, I'm glad to hear that Mrs B. got out of the house.  I bet she enjoyed that  Linda in WA  

  3. Sounds like a great day out....... mmmmmmmmm i love carrot cake
    hugs Jayne