Monday, 18 August 2008

Signally flawed

With the advent of mobile phones, British Telecom have embarked on a program of removing public telephones from the streets of the UK. In the Scottish Highlands, they have hit a snag though. Out of the 192 phones, earmarked for removal, 151 have been recommended to be maintained by Highland Council. Large swathes of the Highlands don't have a mobile phone signal at all, due to remoteness or the presence of hills or mountains. Should the proposed plans go ahead, the 56 miles between Gairloch and Ullapool would have just * one * phonebox, and the 32 miles between Garve and Ullapool none at all.

Highland Council says that public phone booths are essential in reporting incidents or emergencies, particularly in remote areas.


  1. BT should remember that not everyone has a mobile phone!  We certainly do not. Never felt the need for one and now cannot afford the expense.  So what are people like us supposed to do in an emergency if we are away from home?  Disgusting.

  2. Thats awul.... What would happen in an emergency ?

  3. Wow, I sure hope they leave the phones.  In this day and age you need access to some sort of communication.  Linda

  4. Highland Council has a valid point, and I hope they will get to keep the phones.