Friday, 29 August 2008

Just the ticket

The line-up for next November's US presidential elections is now complete, and what a flipping rogues' gallery it has become. As I've said earlier in the year, ain't I glad I don't have to go and vote for any of 'em.

McCain is superannuated, and in order to counteract that, they've taken on the governor of Alaska - Ms Palin, aged 44 - as deputy. I can't STAND her drawl, broader than the Yukon River itself.

Can a black man ever become president in the USA? I'm extremely cynical and say no. He did get the endorsement of Bill Clint'n - dragged out of Wandering Willy's mouth by a team of a dozen horses. What's the name of his sidekick, Bidet? OMG, I'm sorry, Biden.

Roll on December.


  1. Lol

  2. I had a good laugh with this entry Guido...prepare yourself for the lashings you may take though (from either side).  Just my opinion....McCain just handed over the Presidency on a silver platter.  Stupid, stupid move on his part and I cannot help but say "what the hell were they thinking?".  Well actually I guess they were thinking lets hook up with a woman. Like I said, just my opinion and first "gut" reaction when I heard her speak today.  Not all.  Yeah, you are lucky you don't have to vote for either of them let alone have one of them run the country you live in.  Shiver me timbers Popeye it's gonna be a long, bumpy ride.

  3. LOL....... must admit i do not follow elections very closely......... in the UK or the US.
    Lets hope it all turns out for the best
    hugs Jayne

  4. I'm not too happy with McCain's choice, I was hoping for The Gov of Florida....oh well, I'm still voting for him. I think we are ready to elect an African American, and he's a decent man. I worry about him though....there are still some very backward thinking people that may try and take him out, sad, but true.

    I just want it all over with.....I HATE, HATE, HATE the months leading up to the election!

    Pooh Hugs,

  5. When we were in Juneau last August, our city tour guide went on & on about their great governor as we passed the governor's home. The Alaskan's seem to think she's doing a good job.   But I've decieded to vote for Mickey Mouse.   Linda in WA

  6. LOL!! Guido. I would never argue with anyone on politics or religion.A wise head keeps a silent tounge.I admire you for voicing your opinion though .Elections are a nightmare at times.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  7. Hmm, you don't seem too involved here.  We are just getting acquainted with Mrs. Palin ourselves.  I hadno idea she had a drawl so you re ahead of me.  I am used to McCain, I am from Arizona.  As for Obama, he is looking good to me right now, but I just heard that Palin was so pro life that she had a downs syndrome baby even though she knew it before birth, it was her fifth child. I just don't know if his stance on pro life is strong enough to overcome the impression that he loves war too much as a solution and believes that we shouldnot leave Iraq until we have 'won' it.  He may have thought the same when we pulled out of Viet Nam. Al Gore still believes pro choice should be fought for as hard as global warming?  Isn't there some kind of contradiction there in his concern for the whale and the penguin and the polar bear and not any for the millions of==.  Hillary still looks as though she is pouting because she did not win, but I would rather have Palin for our President if McCain should croak than Hillary, who addressed the Abortions Rights National Convention twice and probably more when Bill was president.  I just had to add a little more to your commentary.  I hope to hear more and longer from you as the battle heats up.  Gerry  

  8. I would not say a black man could not EVER become president of the USA, but I do still see plenty of racism in this country at present, which would work against any black candidate.

    I don't know enough about Palin, although, I began to rectify that last night, but a drawl wouldn't throw me.  ~Mary

  9. i have not heard her speak yet....won't matter though. I do not agree with her politics.