Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday 28 August

Drizzly and grey, with a fair breeze blowing outside. Sun is trying to get out, but to no avail.

Tropical storm Gustav has transposed itself to the west of Haiti, meaning that Jamaica could be in for a nasty surprise in a day or so. A new tropical depression, with the prosaic name of 08L, has formed in the Atlantic, which is expected to become a hurricane in 3 days from now. Where it will make landfall from being 500 miles northeast of the Windward Islands is not known at this point. Hurricane season coming to a crescendo.

I have to add that the panic mode, in which the state of Louisiana is descending, would be ridiculous if it wasn't so potentially serious. How big a typeface do I have to use to say: nobody knows where Gustav will make landfall and there is time enough when they do. Yes I know, tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of Katrina, but this is daft.

Telling your bank it's pants by doing so in your internet password is not deemed funny. One man has a battle royale with his bank to change his password back from "no it's not". Read more here.


  1. Weather is horrible here today as well Guido.  Well, I suppose it is natural for people to panic.  They lived through Katrina, we did not.  I just hope that everyone stays safe.

  2. dull and grey here as well...oh where oh where has our sunshine gone...Well I suppose we are lucky we are not awaiting any tropical storms or the like....are we ???   hope your erm feeling better !! lol  Love Sybil xx

  3. The thing is I wonder wherever it lands, if anyone will have enough intelligence to listen this time and evacuate if it's that serious. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. I got a chuckle out of the password debacle.  On the hurricane note...listening to the radio this morning I heard there is already quite a stir as residents of LA are already stating they aren't leaving. Callers were calling in and being quite ugly with comments as to what should happen to people should they choose to stay despite mandatory evac orders.  I would hope lessons were learned with Katrina but I am wondering now.  It's already turning into a circus.  I agree with you, with the uncertainty of Gustavs path there is no need to panic, yet.  I would hate to see a repeat of Katrina.

  5. I hope Gustav stays away from Louisiana Guido My Son lives there .I am just about to ring tonight to see whats happening in his area.I saw the devastation Katrina did when I visited there..OH!! dear these hurricanes are a nightmare.Prayers being said for everyone it may affect.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  6. Well its been dreary and grey here for that long i have forgotten what the sun looks like.......... hopefully that will change tomorrow and we are to get a high of 26-27............ yayyyyyy, followed on Sunday by lightning and stormy what ever happened to the Great British Summer, oh well guess we have to make the most of what we get.
    LOLOLOLOL @ the 'pants' story..... that certainly appealed to my sick sense of humour..... hee hee
    Thanks Guido
    hugs Jayne

  7. I think Gustav is just getting ready to do the maximum destruction it can.  Florida is already numb from tropical storms and I hope Louisiana people have fled. When we got hit with a violent monsoon storm here last night I was reminded of the 1978-9 storms when a Katrina like flooding sounded like it might be next if we got more rain and the overflowing reservoirs couldn't hold back.  Those prospects can make you get down on your knees.  Gerry