Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday 24 August

Breezy but sunny / bright, with the odd shower in the distance. Yesterday, I went to the Butt of Lewis and the Callanish Stones, showing one of the guests round. The southeasterly wind was strong, and went up to galeforce by the end of the afternoon. Had to hold on to the Stones at one point - then the rain came. Could show the guest the phenomenon of horizontal rain.

I only made the chat quite late last night; I hope everyone that wanted to join was able to, and that a good time was had by all.


  1. Nice sunny day here too Guido just done some more gardening.Didn't know about the chat but then again I don't go into the chat room.I too hope all enjoyed.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  2. Sounds like a lovely time Guido........ Today in London we had a torrential downpour around 4.22am...then again aroun 8.30am........ it has been cloudy all morning ...thankfully now the sun has crept through........ for how long i dont know.

    Sorry i missed the chat last night..... have been cleaning and painting my sons room as he is away at the moment and was absolutely worn out in the evening.
    Hope you all had fun
    hugs Jayne

  3. We've finally been getting some rain here, too.  Color me happy.  Now if it would get about 20 degrees cooler......


  4. We're supposed to get rain here today but so far sunny & a little cloudy at 10am.  I asked about you when I logged into the chat room but they told me you had been there & gone.  I was mowing the front lawn and missed you by about 20 minutes. I was happy to meet Bucko & luvrte66 and have added their journals to my alerts.  Have a lovely evening Guido...Linda in WA  

  5. I would LOVE to experience a good galeforce wind..... LOL!!  So sorry I missed the chat last night, I wasn't feeling well when I got home, just checked e-mail and went straight to bed.... this cold is kicking my butt!!


  6. Update: 10:32 am~it's raining !  And Bob left here about 15 mins ago to go across town on his motorcycle with no jacket. Me thinks, he's going to get wet! Linda

  7. I got caught up in some other things and didn't get to get by. :(

  8. Would be interesting to see horizontal rain!!
    Take care...