Monday, 4 August 2008


As I mentioned late last week, I'm participating in a proof-reading site. This evening, I proofed a handful of pages from the Bible - in the Dakota language. Now I obviously don't speak or understand that, but you only need to compare the scan of the original print with the output from the Optical Character Recognition software. Interesting.

Pity the site couldn't manage better feedback than: "You haven't done anything".


  1. I have had nothing but constructive feedback from them, so I wonder what is going on?  Since it is another language, I wonder who is doing the feedback for it and if that could have anything to do with it?  I'd contact someone about it, and would take the survey that asks for your opinion of the mentor's feedback.

  2. Well I'm just glad at least you're there to keep an honest eye on it Guido. You're right, it deserves better feedback than that. Hope this finds you in good spirits and in good health my friend...