Thursday, 21 August 2008

Thursday 21 August

One month back in Stornoway today. It's a fairly bright morning, with the sun trying to come out. A cruiseliner lies anchored south of the lighthouse - it's the Delphin Voyager. Not seen her in before. As per usual, passengers are ferried ashore in tenders, and then they're taken for tours in coaches.

I have just gone through my outstanding 'alerts' (I use a feedreader, not AOL's alerts), so am up to date on that score.

Former rockstar Gary Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) is back in Thailand after being refused entry into Hong Kong. Gadd spent 3 years behind bars in Vietnam for child abuse. Should he return to the UK, he will probably be banned from travelling abroad. More on this story here.


  1. I hope that every country refuses Glitter and that he has to return here where his passport should be immediately taken from him and he should never be allowed to travel again and also be put on the sex offenders register.  I think it better he be here where he can be kept an eye on than somewhere abroad getting up to mischief.  His sort does not change even with age. Glad you are having nice weather.

  2. Sorry my alerts do not work on your new system....hope you can still stop by from time to time...take care...

  3. IMO Glitter should have alot more than just a ban from travelling, how sick.

  4. It doesn't seem like you've been back in Stornaway a month already!