Friday, 1 August 2008

Friday 1 August

Rain all morning today, so not a sight of the solar eclipse at 10.15 a.m.. Would have been nice, 40% of the sun's disk obscured, but it was not to be.

MV Muirneag returned to Stornoway, after being away for 5 days for repairs following her grounding last Friday. Thursday was an overcast day, and occasional drops of rain fell. It felt quite warm (for our parts) with the mercury at 21C / 70F.

A horror story in the news this morning from Canada, where a passenger on a long-distance coach was murdered, then decapitated in an apparently unprovoked attack. The other passengers fled the coach, and kept the culprit inside by barring the door. Police have taken a suspect into custody.


  1. Far too cloudy here to see anything Guido.  Yes, I read that horror story, how awful.  Those passengers are never going to be able to forget seeing that.

  2. Good morning from Virginia...sunny bright and could use some rain very much.   I am watching the solar eclipse on the morning news here now.   Very interesting always is.   Sad about the train death...glad they have the person in custody.  Hope those repairs go well...take care and have a great weekend.

  3. That is horrible about the murdered person.How awful for him -his family and those passengers............

    Took Miss Nala ,the boys and mom out a bit ago and  the door handle was too hot to touch.It felt like my brain was cooking-so I took a few pics and had all go back inside.
    hope you're doing well

  4. I read about that awful thing on the coach in Canada...I couldn't quite understand how a coach load of peopel could not somehow or other managed to overpower the person doing that awful act.  It must ave taken some time to decapitate someone.....horible thought.   Been nice day down here but in last hour have had torrential rain showers...saves watering the garden tonight x  Love   Sybil xx

  5. Hi Guido,
    Just stopping by to say hi and reconnect with journals since I got my computer back. I read about the story in Canada this morning and could not even imagine having to witness something so horrific.....we can only hope that the poor victim passed quickly from his injuries so he didn't have to suffer long. There are so many troubled people out there walking around among us, and it's very scary to think that at any moment they could lose control like like man did....very sad.
    Thank you for all the support & prayers over the past month, it has meant a lot.

    Pooh Hugs,

  6. It has poured in N.Ireland for last 2 days, concrete conditions beginning to look like soil, will plant out as soon as there is a 10 min gap! We've had 2 weeks of the weather teasing us so I'm not complaining. Could not see the eclipse here either, no sun to see, too cloudy. Mum and I experienced the one back in 2000ish...somewhat surreal experience. What baffles me about this murder is how the guy hid the "machetti"..he must be deranged..reminds me of Brighton Rock by Graham Greene. We need eyes in the backs of our heads these days. Someone is going to invent an electrical circuit or similar that encircles and protects you/gives someone a nasty electric shock..has to come.

  7. Hi Guido, it rained here Thursday evening and all night but the sun is shining here now (1pm Friday afternoon). We hope the sun stays out as my grand daughter has invited a bunch of her friends over to celebrate her 16th birthday (which was July 4th) Saturday evening. It's to be an outside party.  I hadn't heard that story about the murder in Canada..that is just awful!   Linda in WA

  8. We have rain here today, ugh! What a horrible thing to happen in Canada, I expect the other passengers were severely traumatised ~ not the sort of thing you expect when you get on a coach is it? Jeannette xx  

  9. Oh that is just horrible about the coach murder...I would have fled too, never to return.  What kind of sick person could do that.