Sunday, 10 August 2008

Saturday 9 August

Weather today is nothing short of grotty. It has been raining or drizzling all day, and we've barely seen the sun. The morning started out cold, but we managed to get up to 17C / 63F. During the afternoon, we drove along the Pentland Road to Carloway, and the Blackhouse Village at Gearrannan a few miles beyond. A man was working a Harris Tweed weaving loom. The Village was quite busy - a place to get out of the rain. After a repeat visit to the gallery at Morven (Barvas), we returned to town. We're hoping for better weather tomorrow.


  1. wow Guido! that sounds pretty cold for summer!
    Are you enjoying it ok? how was the art show! thinking of you

  2. I keep saying it...please send your rain...we have dry here...things are just not looking good here...hopefully a shower tomorrow...40 %'s better than nothing!  Enjoy your Sunday...take care..

  3. That's my favorite temp, I'm envious!

    Pooh Hugs,

  4. I think we may have reached 65*.  It rained all of Thursday night and then alternated with sun breaks throughout the day on Saturday. Linda in WA

  5. it was so chilly this AM but then got hot. Strange day. Ohio has not had hardly any rain for weeks.