Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Tears and sorrow

That is the caption used by satellite TV channel Russia Today, in its reporting on the crisis in Georgia. The station portrays the military action there as brought on by the Georgians, and necessary to counteract genocide. What a load of tosh. If anything, it's the Russian forces that are committing genocide in Georgia, bearing in mind the thousands of dead.


  1. It's just so disgusting!  I can't even imagine how those poor souls are able to deal with it. And they've got no where to run.  Linda in WA  

  2. It's just horrible and heartbreaking.  God protect the innocent.  Linda

  3. I so agree just all made me so upset.

    Pooh Hugs,

  4. A very very sad state of affairs.......... its heartbreaking seeing women and children appealing for help. What has the world come to.

  5. Guido

    i am very worried,
    so are US leaders.
    Condolecsa Rice has told the President of Russia that he needs to pull out the day it happened according to news sources here.
    Then Gates told Russia today that if they did not leave now US relationship with them will be forever impaired and changed.
    Many people over here are somewhat baffled by what is going on .
    Prominent reporters are making jokes however about how Georgia could cease to exist and that death and dying are going on .They also cite that President as well arrogant .
    I hope it gets resolved soon.
    how did it start? weird how it went on right during the Olympics hey?That's what we are thinking over here.