Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday 10 August

A day of varying fortunes in terms of weather. We set off for the Iolaire Memorial in the morning, which is a few miles by road. Apart from the historical context, the site has got some very nice views down the Minch. A jaunt round Stornoway Harbour brought us to Arnish after midday, a mile from the Memorial by sea, but about 7 miles by road. The Fabrication Yard was empty and looking derelicht, devoid of any signs of activity. The place was overrun by ragwort, a plant deemed a noxious weed by law, and requiring eradication. We kept a quiet afternoon, reading books and the like.


  1. I'm glad the afternoon ended up being nice for you when you got back.

    Pooh Hugs,

  2. It was cool & damp here this morning but by 1pm in the afternoon, the sun was out and the temp crept up to 70*.  It's supposed to be climbing higher as the week goes on.  I can tell you're keeping your dad very busy.  I'm happy the two of you are making lots of happy memories... Linda in WA

  3. Your trip sounds very interesting. Sorry for the rain. :-(  Have a great week. Janie

  4. Anything you do is fine.... you're spending quality time with your father, that's always good!!!  Believe me!!


  5. A quiet Sunday have become a real Islander now !!  I am so happy for you that our Father seems to be enjoying his visit. I just wish you had had a bit better weather...not much of a summer is it ...fingers crossed now for maybe an Indian summer....Love  Sybil xx

  6. Hope you both have a great week...take care!!