Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday 31 August

Fairly nice day, with some brightness in the sky. Better than what is headed for the northern Gulf Coast. Gustav will probably be a category 4 hurricane, not quite as bad as a cat 5, but still bad. If you're on the Gulf Coast, please follow all advice and orders from the authorities. You can't weather winds of 140 mph. Nothing will be left standing - remember Katrina?

The program I highlighted earlier in the week, Dateline London, was retimed unexpectedly. The webversion will be available tomorrow.

Another earthquake, measuring 6 on the Richter scale, has struck the region in China that was devastating by a huge tremor in May. 22 people died in yesterday's quake; rescue efforts are hampered by rain.


  1. I heard some of the quake coverage, then considered the 70,000 that died in the May tragedy, compared to 3 people that the State reported died.  I'm sure it was more as you say.  But still, not many.  I wonder, could it have been the area it struck, all mountainous and hardly any populace?  News is very conflicted and not too reliable coming out of there now.  Cathy      

  2. I was wondering why I couldn't find the Dateline BBC episode last night.  I'll try again today.