Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pictures - 13/08/08

Pictures for today can be found here. There are several pictures of plaques on the Tarbert War Memorial (on their sides), which you may want to ignore.


  1. Great pictures.  Nice beach but sure seems deserted for a beach!  Guess it's too cold, huh?  Linda

  2. beautiful pictures, especially the first one, marvellous panoramic view. oxo

  3. Such beauty. Thanks for sharing......

    Pooh Hugs,

  4. You have SUCH an amazing eye for natural beauty!!!  I was finally able to get onto flicker, and got caught up with the last 3-4 days of pics, (most of the time, AOL won't let me open flicker)... I loved all the pics, but I have to say my absolute favorite is the second one you posted here.... the lone white house, that pic is so touching to me, I love it!!!


  5. As always brilliant photographs.  I do like them "big" size...that beach. Doubt if you would see one similar down here so empty when the sun was shining...Last time I saw one like that was in New Zealand...Also loved the house all by itself..Tahnks for sharing as always.... Sybil x

  6. Absolutely beautiful............. was trying to pick a favourite but not sure i can.
    The first one is the colours and the tranquility of it, the little cottage/house is so serene sitting there all alone, guess it would be pretty scary in the winter stuck up there on your own ( obviously thats a city girl and the last one just wants me to take off my shoes ( if i had any on) and wiggle my toes in the sand, then stroll down to the waters edge and just admire the natural beauty that surrounds you.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.
    Love these large pictures by the way
    hugs Jayne


  7. i love the views here Guido
    thank you!